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About wildbrine- Fermenting Fabulous Foods
wildbrine™ was started by veterans of the specialty food business who, previous to establishing wildbrine, developed, manufactured, and sold award-winning hummus, salsas, and cheese spreads.  The company was created in 1991 in San Francisco, CA, and outgrew the original facility in 1998.  We moved to Santa Rosa where we produced under the popular brand names of Meza, Sonoma Salsa, and Goldy’s.  We sold the original businesses in 2006 and spent the next few years considering other food business opportunities that are tied to our  beliefs and lifestyles; and the growing consumer demand for great tasting, healthy foods. 

More and more, people want to know where their food comes from; they want it to taste good; they want it to be good for them; and they want it prepared in a way that they trust and understand.  They want quality ingredients with unpretentious preparations. They want bold flavors and they want it readily available in their local markets.  A convergence of trends like raw, savory, and spicy pointed us directly to the fermented foods category.    
A unique opportunity presented itself in 2011 when a local non-profit that we support, The Ceres Community Project, decided to halt efforts at making and selling their naturally-fermented sauerkrauts.  We had worked with Ceres to help sell sauerkraut’s to local grocery stores; with the proceeds helping to fund Ceres’ efforts.  After having developed this small, locally-popular business, Ceres decided to exit the business and focus their efforts on their primary non-profit mission.  

wildbrine started operations in 2011 with the transfer of the original two recipes and a small retail business from the non-profit Ceres Community Project to Wildbrine.  We continue to support the good work of the Ceres Community Project.  For more information, see the Ceres Community Project tab on this website.
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